Hiring Agency vs In-House

I hear you, you’re about to blow your business up! 

It is time for maximum growth! 

So you’re thinking about building a bigger and badder team to handle every bend and turn in the road… you are considering hiring in-house because you think that your team will get to know you and your product more intimately or maybe you are consumed by your ego and have to be in control of every little thing otherwise it isn’t done “right”. 

Well I am here to show you why you are dead wrong, and how you are actually harming your business by hiring employees who do not enrich your business’s primary cause.

1. Save Money

It might sound counter-intuitive, but Agencies have something you don’t – multiple clients to spread tool and service costs across. 

In order for you to be profitable, you need to make a return on investment off of your total marketing and advertising dollars and the cost of an employee. While agencies profit by managing more accounts at a certain rate, which after 2,720,100 clients they profit off of a few employees. You could never swing that in your organization – and to facilitate the same horizontal expansion which an agency could provide, you would need several employees costing you more and more to handle additional management and execution tasks. The numbers do not add up!

Money on taxes, salaries, and benefits come at a high cost to your company. This article from MIT suggests that employees often cost up to 1.4 times their base salary. So if you spend $60,000/ year on an in-house industry expert, he or she is probably costing you about $84,000/year… However, spending that amount with a proven Agency would afford you a $7,000/mo budget, which would, in turn, provide you with more capabilities and execution (often through a coordinated and experienced team) than a single employee would be able to handle! By hiring an agency you are saved from paying for:

  • Salaries
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Healthcare costs
  • Expensive software tools
  • On-going education
  • Severances/costly break-ups
  • Culture/HR Costs
  • Real Estate costs for housing larger teams

Hiring an agency is really a super prudent move to make, as it can drastically improve your bottom line.

2. Save Time! 

This is by far one of the most valuable reasons to work with an agency – you get to save tons of time! 

You get to plug and play experts to execute, not to mention you have several people working on your one account meaning wayyyyy more ideas! You don’t have to worry about managing, accountability, morale, training, or research to find ‘what works’.  

3. No Training Required

With an agency, you don’t have to waste time finding, hiring, and training a new employee. Training people well is no simple task. Getting someone up to speed can takes months, if not years depending on the field and your requirements, and you still may find that they are not as good as you hoped. 

On the other hand, hiring an agency is a completely different exercise. 

Bringing in a reputable agency will make your life easier. Just be sure you have clear expectations upfront and set the right goals so you’re headed in the right direction and get the results your business needs. 

While agencies require their own hiring pipeline and have their share of employee churn, they’re able to focus on hiring for specific tasks and industry experts whose costs can scale across a volume of clientele.

This lets you to do what you do best… RUN YOUR BUSINESS!

4. Get Access to the Experts

Agencies don’t need any training. As a whole, they know what they are doing and hire for their provided services that are performed on a regular basis. 

Not only that, but on-going education for agency employees involves providing a better service for you and your business!

When you hire an agency, you are getting access to talent pools that have a wealth of knowledge in their area of expertise. While it depends on the type of agency, agencies often provide a combination of diverse talents such as skilled researchers, media buyers, SEO specialists, ad experts, social media marketers, etc.

In addition, agencies can provide knowledge about other successful campaigns that may be similar to what you’re looking for and have generated great results in the past – back to saving time and money!

5. See Results 

If you ask any manager what the worst part of their job is, they will tell you that firing someone is typically the hardest thing they have to do. 

At the end of the day, no one has ever blinked an eye at firing a non-performing or misaligned agency. 

As a result, this influences an agency to provide more effective services that include getting realist results, putting a plan in place, staying on top of your account, and keeping you happy!

Make the right choice and consider working agencies into your workflow.

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