Online marketing is a wonderfully effective channel for all local businesses, especially contractors. Own a contracting business? Here are the top websites you should get your business information listed on. Doing so will net you more online exposure, increase lead opportunities, and help your website’s SEO.

Where to List Your Contractor Business

First, you should have your business information listed on your website if you don’t already! Interested searchers might decide to check out your website after discovering one of your listings, and to verify that your contact info is consistent across sites. The footer of your website is a great location for your contractor information. However, check out other contractor websites for unique locations and ways to present your contact information.

We know how time-consuming online marketing can be. So if you’re short on time, here are the highest quality websites to prioritize and get your contracting business listed on:

Google My Business

Every local business including contractors should verify a free Google business listing over at google.com/business/. Since Google owns this listing service as well as the most popular search engine, you’ll definitely want this listing verified and up-to-date. A verified Google listing will get your business in front of local searches in Google Maps and Google Search. This will strongly supplement your website’s SEO and Content. You’ll also be able to get Google reviews through your listing that help boost your search visibility and bolster your business reputation.


Yelp controls the largest search engine share of user traffic for the keyword “contractor” as shown below. Yelp receives around 28-31 million visitors from search traffic monthly. That should be enough to get you motivated to verify and update a Yelp listing! Also, from an SEO perspective, building consistent business citations and acquiring backlinks to your site from these reputable 3rd party sites will help increase your website’s search engine presence.

Sites by traffic for Contractor keyword

Angie’s List

Another strong contender in the list above is Angie’s List. This site nets around 4-5 million in monthly user traffic! Another great website to get your contracting business listed on, providing you with more exposure in front of people actively looking for your services. You’ll also get the opportunity to gather reviews here too, an important step to diversifying your review profile across the web! (Google Business listings will often pick up reviews from across the web too, promoting your reputation right up at the top of Google for your business name!)


Next up is Houzz, a website dedicated to listing home improvement professionals. Here, you can create a free professional profile. Houzz attracts around 4-6 million users from search engines every month and places your listing in front of a very interested audience. This is a more photo-centric site, so definitely a strong listing opportunity for your contracting business if you have photos of your team or services to share.


Although not as large as the above sites, HomeAdvisor is still a super popular and growing place to get listed on as a contractor business. Their overall website traffic is around 2-3 million per month. At HONE Marketing, we know from experience that some of our contractor clients are generating high-quality leads and reviews from this site. Their user interface for marketing purposes is very effective. We’re also seeing their HomeAdvisor reviews being promoted by their Google Business listings for a one-two-punch of promotion!


Facebook isn’t targeted towards contractors specifically, but you might as well create a Facebook business page at https://www.facebook.com/business/ if you don’t have one! The search engine signals from having an active Facebook page are very strong. Also, it’s probably the most powerful social tool to build closer relationships with your customers for continued business opportunities and a strong reputation that others will back for you.


In the past few years, LinkedIn has been going nuts in terms of new features for businesses. At Linkedin, you can create a free company page similar to Google and Facebook. Visitors can follow your page and interact with your posted content. And, as stated on LinkedIn, posting daily company updates will effectively attract followers to your company page and bolster your reputation as a leader in your industry.

Listings For Contractors

Above are the 7 websites that contracting businesses should get listed on if possible!

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