There are many different ways in which you can market to consumers online. From social media marketing to content marketing, the global market is your oyster. 

Email marketing is a great way of ensuring that your product information actually reaches its target consumer. But email marketing strategies don’t remain static. There will always be newer and better ways in which you can effectively market through email.

Not up on the trends? Read on for the latest email marketing trends.

1. Increased Personalization

Let’s be honest, most of the personalization that you do in email marketing blasts begins and ends with the recipient’s name. Everyone does that. If you want to get a competitive edge in email marketing, then you need to make your marketing emails more personal.

You have the data, now use it. Target marketing blasts about specific products only to consumers who fit within the proper demographic.

This is simple enough to do. If you sell shoes, send information about sales on women’s shoes to female subscribers.

The more personalized the email, the more impactful it will be. 

2. Keep It Casual

The days of “dear sir or madam” are long gone. Millennials have put the final nail in that coffin. Unless you are marketing to a traditionally conservative demographic, like attorneys or medical professionals, today’s successful marketing strategy should have a casual tone.

Start utilizing more humor. Humorous marketing campaigns have seen huge success! If you’re feeling especially bold, use curse words, too.

Now that millennials are taking over the market, you’re going to have to find innovative ways to connect with them, none of which should be formal.

3. More Length

Everyone talks about a consumer’s attention span. It’s supposed to be super limited, which is why so many email campaigns include bite-sized chunks of information. But are consumer attention spans really so limited?

The truth is, if the content is interesting, the consumer will keep reading. Work more high-value content into your marketing emails. If you give customers what they want, they will read it. 

4. Be Authentic

Social media used to be the go-to space for marketing, but the influx of unreliable content has created distrust among today’s consumers.

The best way to build consumer trust in your email marketing campaigns is just to be transparent. Tell customer stories, real customer stories. Let customers see what goes on behind the scenes at your business.

If you want consumers to trust your company and its products or services, then just be real.

5. Increased Smartphone Compatability

It’s no secret, smartphones are ubiquitous. In fact, the number of smartphone users is almost equal to the number of computer users. With numbers like these, email marketing campaigns have to be effective for both computer and smartphone users.

Make sure your users can view your marketing emails on their smartphones. Keep in mind that smartphones come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, marketing emails should be functional for both the smallest and largest of screens.

Better formatting and viewability equals more clickthroughs. More clickthroughs equal more profits. It’s a no-brainer!

Is Your Business Ready to Follow the Latest Email Marketing Trends?

If you feel like your current email marketing strategy just isn’t yielding clickthrough results, then it’s time to retool your strategy to meet today’s email marketing trends. With over one billion email users on Google alone, a well-crafted email marketing campaign is sure to grab your target market’s attention.

If you feel like your digital marketing strategy could use some work, then it may be time to get an evaluation of where you stand and what you can improve. Contact us today for a free 15-minute no-obligation assessment about your digital marketing strategy!

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