Tips for Writing Effective PPC Ad Headlines

According to Forbes, your website visitors from PPC ad campaigns are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. Before you can close the sale, however, you need to draw visits in.

Compelling, eye-catching headlines can attract potential customers to your website.

Here are seven tips for crafting effective ad headlines. With these tips, you can advertise online, boost website traffic, and turn that traffic into sales. Keep reading to learn how!

1. Know Your Readers

Who are you writing these ad headlines for? What problems are they facing every day? Once you know your target audience, you can craft great ads that appeal to their concerns.

Tell your clients a story. Personal ads using emotion-based copy are easier for your readers to connect with.

Your ads should also show customers you’re there to solve their problems.

Recognize the pain points they experience. Then, use your ad headlines to show readers you have an easy solution.

Finally, make sure to craft your ads so they’re about your audience. Use “you” more than “us” and “we” so the ads communicate to your readers.

2. Mirror the Search

What queries and phrases do your customers search for when looking for your product or service?

Once you know their search intent, you can mirror your copy to those searches. Remember, people are looking for answers to their problems. If they see your ads answer their questions, they’re more likely to click.

3. Know Your Value

Your company offers something no other company can. Focus your ad language on your company’s value. Adding your value will help readers realize you’re better than the competition.

Don’t forget to consider your customers. Your value proposition should connect back to their needs and pains.

4. Use Your Keywords

45% of small businesses are using PPC advertising. If you don’t take care to craft your ad headlines correctly, however, you could end up wasting your advertising spend.

Feel free to research your competitors, too. This research can help you recognize which distinct values to highlight in your own ads.

5. Mix Cases

Mixing capitalization can help your ad headlines stand out. Take care not to use excessive capitalization. Instead, try using title case and capitalize the first letter in each word.

Otherwise, your PPC campaign might not get approval from the ads platform.

6. Consider the CTA

Once people click on your ads and visit your website, what do they do next?

Use a strong call-to-action in your ad language. Make sure it’s specific. Try “Call Now” or “Buy Today.”

This language can also imply urgency, so people act immediately.

7. Test Over and Over

Once you feel like you have the perfect ad copy, test it out!

See how people respond. Try to test two or three ads at the same time, changing the language in each one. Then, watch your click-through-rate.

These A/B tests can tell you what language your audience responds to the most.

Write On With These Tips for Effective Ad Headlines

Write on and amp up sales! With these seven tips for writing effective ad headlines, you can turn your next PPC campaign into a powerful success.

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