best business review sites

How often do you Google your business and read reviews? You probably avoid it, right?

We don’t blame you. 50% of people say they don’t like the results that appear when they Google themselves, and the statistics are similar for businesses.

However, customer reviews can make or break your business. Reviews are powerful enough to impact sales and can even affect your digital marketing. That’s why it’s integral to monitor your business reviews.

But how do you implement a review and reputation strategy? Start by searching for your reviews on popular review search engines. Here are the best business review sites to check first.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is one of the most trusted review platforms.

While it’s targeted to the service industry, members have to pay for a subscription so the reviews are more comprehensive compared to other platforms. However, an Angie’s List account is free for businesses.

Angie’s List reviews are rated on a scale between A and F.

Reviews cannot be anonymous and companies have the option to respond to reviews. Encourage your customers to leave an Angie’s List review and you can always comment on any negative reviews.

Amazon Reviews

If you’re an eCommerce company that sells on Amazon, many of your buyers will leave reviews directly on your Amazon product pages.

Leaving Amazon reviews has benefits for your buyers; Amazon often offers gift cards and other perks for customers for a review.

Customers can rate your products between one and five stars and have the option to leave a detailed review. There’s also a question and answer section where you can answer any product or company questions.


Trustpilot is a Danish company and its review platform conquered Europe. Now, Trustpilot expanded into 65 countries, including the U.S. Trustpilot is a great source for all businesses, but especially global businesses.

Trustpilot is different other review platforms because customers can write both product and seller reviews.

Trustpilot offers a free and paid account for businesses. Paying for an account allows you to share reviews and send review invitations.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is one of the oldest review platforms — dating back to 1936!

Consumer Reports originally started out as a magazine offering an array of product reviews. Today, Consumer Reports is one of the leading organizations that tests and reviews products.

Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization. They have no advertising platform and they pay for all the products they test. All reviews are professionally written and offer full product and brand insight as well as reviews.

Is Your Business On the Best Business Review Sites?

There are many review sites but only a select few can be the best business review sites.

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, your business likely appears on any of these websites. Check these sources and ensure your business has a positive reputation.

While having a great online reputation is important to your marketing, it’s also beneficial to outsource a digital marketing agency. We can help. Contact us today!

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