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Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Rank Higher, Drive More Traffic & Increase Revenue With Experienced SEO Services Designed for Success in 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of visitor traffic to your website by improving your website’s keyword rankings in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

As a result of your website being found higher up and more often when someone searches a keyword phrase related to your business or offerings in your area, SEO can increase your leads, sales, and ultimately revenue for your business.

Website traffic from SEO is primarily generated through Google Search (~90% of search engine market share), with the potential for additional visits through Bing & Yahoo! search engines.

How SEO Can Help Your Business

You might be thinking “does my business need SEO?”. We believe incorporating SEO in 2020 as a marketing channel within your company’s larger marketing plan is a wise investment. Increasing numbers of people are using search engines to discover brands, browse products and services, research offerings, buy online, and contact businesses about their products and services.

An effective SEO service can help your business in a variety of ways. Examples include increasing brand awareness and getting your website in front of more interested people. SEO also helps people discover your website over competing sites.

Benefits of Modern SEO Services

A successful SEO service can provide the following benefits for your company:

  • Increase your brand awareness and website reach – This occurs as your website and brand name appear higher up in rankings for a larger quantity of relevant keyword searches for your brand name, services, and location/s.
  • Increase the number of visitors clicking through to your website – This is achieved through improving your keyword rankings for target keywords in your area through website content and link optimization. This can then lead to potential increases in either phone calls, form fills, and/or sales depending on your business and goals.
  • Increase the quality of visitors to your website – This is also achieved through improved keyword rankings, resulting from ongoing optimization of your website content, links, your website’s page titles, and page descriptions in search results in comparison to your competition’s SEO efforts.
  • Increase the number of reviews generated online – More reviews can result from achieving the above SEO benefits. Your company is more likely to achieve an increase in online reviews as your brand awareness, quality of visitors, and a number of visitors discovering your website increase. Generating more reviews, especially Google reviews, is a known ranking signal. This tells search engines that your business is trustworthy, and can result in a feedback loop that helps to further improve your results from SEO.
  • Increase the number of leads or sales generated online – While SEO is primarily focused on improving your website’s visibility in search results to gain additional high-quality website visits, an effective SEO strategy should also aim to increase the number of leads or sales your business generates as a result of these visits over time.

What Do Our SEO Services Include?

Our custom SEO services include a variety of different components aimed at improving your website’s keyword rankings and traffic from Google Search in a target location:

  • Website Audit – We perform an extensive site audit and analyze your current website setup to determine any critical SEO issues, opportunities, content gaps, and how to proceed into keyword research and content research.
  • Keyword Research – We research relevant keywords to target, based on your existing site content, existing rankings, and competitor sites and rankings to determine the direction of content and link optimization.
  • Content Research – We used experienced analysis strategy and software tools to research relevant content topics. We analyze your website’s existing content and competing, high ranking site content. This includes analysis of the current SERPS (search engine results pages). Content research helps us gain an understanding of how to improve your website SEO. This includes content, link usage, and keyword usage, which affect your SEO rankings.
  • Meta Tag Optimization – Based on the initial audit and ongoing monthly trend analysis, we update your website’s meta tags. This includes updates to page meta descriptions (which can show in your site’s search result listings and can affect clickthrough rates), page search titles (these also show in your site’s search result listings and can affect clickthrough rates), and image alt text (can improve the potential for your site to be found through image searches).
  • Content Optimization – Based on the initial audit and ongoing monthly trend analysis, we perform SEO copywriting and content updates. This includes updates to page headers, subheaders, and keyword phrases used in a page’s content. We may also add or expand the content of a page depending on potential opportunities. These content updates can help improve rankings for the keywords related to the page topic.
  • Link Optimization – Based on the initial audit and ongoing monthly trend analysis, we update links within your site’s page content. This improves the user experience of your site. We also update link “anchor text”. Anchor text is the phrase used as links. These link updates can help to support page ranking improvements and increase your brand authority. Depending on the competitiveness and situation, we research and create backlinks on external sites. We only implement white-hat link building strategies.
  • Local Maps SEO – We improve your local search presence further by creating/updating local content on your site, Google My Business listing updates, and other listing & business citation updates.
  • Technical SEO – We make sure your website has healthy, optimized crawlability and indexability for search engines to crawl and index your website pages properly. This may also include website speed improvements where possible and depending on your website cms/hosting, such as image compression, and structured data markup/schema usage.
  • Ongoing Analysis & Tracking – We track target keyword rankings, competitor site trends, how users interact with your site, conversion events such as calls and form fills depending on your goals, and changes in search engine algorithms to continue improving the direction of your website’s SEO.

Experienced SEO Services for Your Business

Our digital marketing agency specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) services. We provide a variety of SEO plans for local and national companies in the United States.

Contact us for a custom SEO proposal. We’ll share a plan with you that we feel would be the best fit for you and your company.

Other Digital Marketing Services We Offer

Here’s a brief description of the digital marketing solutions that we specialize in:

  • Facebook Ads (PPC Ads) – Facebook Ad campaigns to quickly and effectively promote your business and offerings to targeted audiences on Facebook.
  • Google Ads (PPC Ads) – Google Ad campaigns quickly and effectively promote your business and offerings to targeted audiences on Google Search.
  • Digital Marketing Consult – Experienced digital marketing consulting to develop a custom digital marketing plan for your business.

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