Premarital Counseling Practice Accelerator

Update: See our updated practice accelerator program for therapists here.

Welcome! Are you a premarital counselor who wants to grow your practice, earn more revenue, and scale your practice at the same time? If so, this program was made for you and your business goals.

The Premarital Counseling Practice Accelerator program has been tested and refined into a proven system designed to quickly improve how your premarital counseling practice generates and keeps revenue.


Big Picture View of The Core System

Premarital Counselor Practice Accelerator System

The Ads

Ad Placement: Facebook, Instagram, and Google when leveraged correctly can get us in front of newly engaged couples instantly. We can even tell when someone is about to propose, we begin by targeting these 2 audiences.

Creative and Copy: We create media and copy custom to your unique selling points and touch on the reasons it is important to get premarital counseling.


The Information/Sales Pages

We create pages that educate and engage your prospects. Interest is generated to get the prospect interested in booking and showing up for the initial meeting.

We qualify and offer a scheduler. If no shows are an issue in your market we can take a deposit on your behalf using a payment processor of your choice.


Practice Accelerator vs. Trying to Hire/DIY

Our Premarital Counseling Practice Accelerator helps you avoid dealing with:

  • Advertising costs, software costs, outreach costs, training and managing costs, and investing in sales consultant/training
  • You would need to hire someone knowledgable in running effective ads
  • Learn to do web development to capture leads and turn them into prospects
  • You would need to follow up with 100s of unqualified leads and book the good ones with calls/texts/emails quickly and effectively
  • Have someone guarantee results against their paycheck
  • Manage and keep accountability for this person (giving yourself extra work)
  • Proactively ask for reviews and distribute across the web accordingly
  • Expect to stay educated and on top of market strategies, trends & updates

Dealing with all of this through hiring and/or doing yourself leads to total costs well over $5000/mo, not including the cost of your time.


15 Appointment Guarantee

Our system will get you 15 booked appointments guaranteed. If no shows are a problem, we get a booking deposit.

We credit your account $100 per appointment that we don’t get for you.


30 Day Money Back Performance Guarantee

In the first 30 days – if you do not like us or our system for any reason, we will refund you 100% of our service fees guaranteed.


Program Deliverables & Pricing

Here are the deliverables & pricing for the program:

  • Advertisement Cost
  • Ad System
  • Conversion System
  • Booking System
  • Sales Consults
  • Program Consultant
  • Customer Surveys
  • Review Campaigns
  • Lead Management Software
  • Follow Up Campaigns
  • Campaign Updates
  • Guarantees / Exclusivity

Program Fee: $2500/mo


ROI Calculations – Justify $$

Here are some scenarios to show you how our practice accelerator system provides you and your practice with an absolute win-win situation:

Worst Case Scenario – 7.24%/mo.*:

  • Net Revenue: ~$800
  • Appointments: 15
  • Close: 65%
  • Commission: ~$275
  • Cost to Delegate (if you do not take the appointments yourself): ~$600
  • Net: $7,800 & Commission/Pocket: $2,681
  • *Better than the stock market* + 7 clients

Good Scenario – 56%/mo.*:

  • Net Revenue: ~$800
  • Appointments: 15
  • Close: 80%
  • Commission: ~$325
  • Cost to Delegate (if you do not take the appointments yourself): ~$450
  • Net: $9,600 & Commission/Pocket: $3,900
  • *$1 in and $1.50 out. “I’d do that all day!” + 12 clients


Quick Start Special – First Month

For a limited time, we are offering a first month special for only $1250.

Give us a call at 885-338-2889 for more information.


Is it Ok If We Overdeliver? Extra Bonuses!

Lock in for 3 months and we will create 40 local listings for Google My Business, and write 10 unique seed content articles for your website which can be used as blog articles, social media posts, and great SEO assets.

Lock in for 6 months and we will build you an updated website, add a review widget on-site, and perform 1 month of free SEO updates to boost your website’s visibility and organic search ranking potential. Plus all the 3-month bonuses!

Lock in for 12 months and we will pay the first-month cost for the first counselor you decide to hire on to take care of your service. Plus all the 3-month and 6-month bonuses!


How We Work Together

    • Payment
    • On-boarding & asset gathering
    • Send you access to all the campaign documents
    • Kick-off call & training
    • Create custom content
    • Creation of sales assets
    • Launch! ~7 day period
    • On-going media creation/updates
    • On-going media buying
    • On-going business development
    • On-going sales consult & feedback Loops
    • Client delight:
      • Updated training
      • Industry-wide updates
      • Review campaigns
Tim White's Testimonial for HONE Digital Marketing

“If you are looking for a local marketing company that knows the digital marketing space and knows how to guide not so tech-savvy business owners through utilizing digital marketing, look no further. Contact HONE today.”

– Dr. Tim White, LMFT – Dr. White & Associates, P.C.


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