Unlock impressive client reporting capabilities with HubSpot reporting. With HubSpot’s reporting features, you get the ability to create unique and accurate sales and marketing reports for both internal and client campaigns.

The HubSpot reporting dashboard lets you create custom dashboards based on a variety of marketing and sales metrics. View and customize data from both HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM. Get easy answers to the most important questions you have in regards to marketing and sales. Also, your marketing and sales data is conveniently stored in one centralized home.

Notable HubSpot Reporting Features

hubspot reporting

While there are many impressive HubSpot reporting features, here are some of the most notable:

  • Marketing and sales data in one place
  • Create multiple dashboards with custom permissions
  • Build custom marketing, sales, and website analytics reports
  • Schedule emails to share dashboards with your team or clients
  • Filter dashboards by date ranges and frequency
  • Reports with built-in goal-setting functionality
  • Great selection of default reports available
  • Move around report widgets with a single click
  • Colorful reporting that’s easy on the eyes

Sound useful? You can try out the HubSpot CRM and its reporting features for free.

Examples of Included Reports

Sales Reports

Deal Forecast – Report showing the amount of revenue for deals in each stage of your deal pipeline, based on deal amount and deal stage probability.

Sales Performance – Report showing a summary of your sales progress. Presents contacts that have been assigned and worked by reps on your team, and also the number of deals that have been created and closed won.

Productivity – Report showing the total number of calls, emails, meetings, notes, and tasks your team has logged in the selected time frame.

Deals Closed vs. Goal – Report showing revenue from closed deals, plotted against your team’s quota.

Recent Activity – Track the most recent calls, emails, meetings, notes, and tasks logged by your team.

Marketing Reports

hubspot website analytics

Marketing Performance – Report showing your visitor, contact, and customer growth over time. Convenient nearby conversion rates to find where your biggest bottlenecks and their trends over time.

Contacts Created by Day – Report showing the number of total contacts created each day.

Landing Page Performance – Report showing a quick snapshot of landing page metrics including views, submissions, contact, and conversion rate data.

Top Landing Pages – Report displaying your top-performing landing pages, with total views and total conversion rate of each page.

Blogging Performance – Get a clear view of your blog’s success. See the number of blog posts published, number of post views, number of email subscribers, and RSS subscribers.

Top Blog Posts – Report showing your most popular blog posts to track what’s been working.

Email Performance – Reporting showing the number of emails sent, opened, clicked, and click rate.

Top Emails – Report showing your top-performing emails and total click rate.

Contact Performance – Report to track the number of leads, marketing-qualified leads (MQLs), customers, and contacts added in a given time range. Compare to past data to make more informed marketing decisions.

New Contacts by Source – Report showing the number of contacts based on sources such as offline, organic search, and direct traffic sources.

Returning Contacts – Report showing contacts who’ve returned to your site.

Top Personas – Report for examining the number of contacts by persona. A snapshot of the target customers you’re reaching best.

Notes – A super useful notes widget. Annotate your reporting dashboard with insights, observations, or comments. Provides an @mention feature for involving your team in the conversation.

More Reporting Options Available

The widget-based reports above can be incorporated into your custom dashboards with simple drag and drop. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Even more customizable reports are available for analyzing your marketing and sales campaigns. Examples include sales funnels, website stats like visitor sessions, traffic sources, and user engagement, and email and social metrics.

Unified Reporting for Marketing and Sales

No one metric sums everything up. The ability to report on a combination of inbound marketing and sales metrics in a clear, presentable, and easy to use way is a necessity for any marketing and sales campaign with growth in mind. Thankfully, HubSpot provides the perfect solution for us and our clients.

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