Plastic Surgery PPC Ads

Grow your plastic surgery practice with pay per click advertising. Find out how to use PPC ads in your plastic surgery marketing strategy.

Plastic surgery is a highly competitive industry and businesses need every advantage over their competition. There are many digital marketing methods available, but one of the most overlooked and mismanaged is pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Plastic surgery marketing can benefit from PPC advertising because it can drastically increase qualified traffic to your website and improve sales and conversions. It’s a targeted method that seeks only those interested in your service, unlike search engine optimization, and gets them to set up an appointment.

We’ll examine the various types of PPC advertising available and how you can best leverage it to get clients into your plastic surgery business.

Google Ads for Plastic Surgery Marketing

The most popular platform for PPC advertising is Google Ads. The search engine giant provides several ad campaign types and networks to choose from including search, video, shopping, and display.

To put briefly, search ads show up at the top and bottom of Google search results pages, video ads on YouTube, shopping ads show products in a special product format in Google search results, and display ads include visual image ads that can be placed on partner websites, apps, Gmail, and YouTube as well.

For the plastic surgery niche, video and display ads provide a high return on investment because they are visual ads. Search ads are also popular because they are highly visible. The key to a high return on investment for Google Ads is proper ad management and adjustments to bidding, budgeting, demographic, audience, and location targeting.

Social Media PPC Ads

It’s not just Google that offers PPC advertising. Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter also provide PPC ad creation and promotion for advertisers, as well as boosted or sponsored posts. Unlike Google, which provides many types of ad networks that can show ads across more than just their search engine such as websites and YouTube, these ads are only shown on their respective platforms.

Social media PPC provides a lot of useful ad targeting options through access to considerable personal data from various social profiles. This allows your plastic surgery business to seek out a very refined type of audience to show your ads to, such as within specific income ranges, age ranges, interests, and more. However, Google ads to offer some of these features now as well, and all PPC ad platforms are continuing to innovate and provide useful features for advertisers.

The ability to laser target people with PPC ads can provide a great return on investment for your plastic surgery business as a result of the ads being shown to a specific subset of the users, alongside the ability to fine-tune ads over time through data-backed adjustments and optimization.

The Perfect PPC Landing Page

PPC advertising is designed to drive people to your site, or more specifically, a page on your site. You can have a PPC ad set to direct users to your site’s homepage or a specific service page. However, you may find an increase in lead or sales conversions pointing ads to a landing page optimized for one specific offer and call-to-action.

Landing pages are created to complement and tightly align with the ad. For example, if the ad is about liposuction, then you’d probably want to utilize a landing page that goes more in-depth about your liposuction services, with a call-to-action, contact info, and/or form for people to set up an appointment, reach out to your practice, or other related action.

The makeup of the landing page and the ad headline and text have much to do with the success of a PPC ad campaign. Check out these tips for writing effective PPC ad headlines. As a result, PPC experts suggest split testing sets of ads and targeting settings. For example, this might involve testing a similar amount of ad spend/budget directed at two similar ads or landing pages, with one of the ads or landing pages including a small change, such as a different color scheme or copy.

These types of tests help to continually refine what works, increasing your chances of running a profitable PPC campaign.

PPC Advertising for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery marketing requires constant monitoring and tweaking to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment. PPC advertising is a great option to try as part of your plastic surgery digital marketing plan. However, it can be challenging to figure out which PPC ad platform to choose, ad creative, and budgeting required.

If you want to learn more about PPC advertising for your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery business, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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