How to Get Rankings in Google with Video Marketing

By 2019, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. In other words, without video content on your website, you’re missing out!

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get rankings in Google with video.

With these tips, you can boost your search engine position ranking to reach more customers!

How Videos Boost Rankings

Before we get into the tactics you need to succeed, let’s discuss how videos boost your SEO page rank.

1. Longer Dwell Time = Lower Bounce Rates

Videos are easy to consume and keep people immersed in your content.

That means they’ll spend more time watching a video you produced. The longer they spend on your webpage, the more they dwell. Google recognizes that dwell time as something of value to rankings.

Longer dwell time means lower bounce rates (when people visit a page without clicking around). Both factors impact your SEO score.

2. Increase Your Click-Through-Rate

You want people to click around and explore your content. Videos encourage people to learn more about your company. As they explore and click around, they’ll increase your click-through-rate, which is another ranking factor.

3. Improve Your Backlinks

People love sharing high-quality content. When people share your videos on their own website or social media, they’re linking back to your website.

Those backlinks can increase your brand authority online.

How to Improve SEO Rankings with Video

92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Sharing is caring! The more people who view your videos, the better your chances are at higher rankings.

Here’s how to get rankings in Google with video through four easy tactics:

1. Post Regularly

Google likes regular, unique content. Make posting videos a regular feature on your content calendar. This will add SEO value to your website and help boost your search rankings.

2. Use Your Keywords

Your content should remain relevant to what your target customers are already searching for. Using keyword research, you can determine what they’re searching for that’s relevant to your product or service.

Then, make sure to use your targeted keywords in the:

  • Title tag
  • Filename
  • Meta description
  • Tags

You should also transcribe the video, which helps Google’s bots crawl your content for the targeted keywords.

Don’t forget to submit your video sitemap to Google to help with page indexing.

3. Keep It Short

Try to keep your video between one to three minutes. Short, easy-to-consume content will keep people watching. Otherwise, they might leave halfway through.

4. Encourage Sharing

Make your video easy to share by adding social media share buttons to the page.

Share the video across your own social media accounts as well. Cross-sharing will increase your brand awareness and help you draw traffic to your website. It also encourages others to share, which will boost your SEO page rank.

How to Get Rankings in Google With Video

Turn your marketing videos into the next viral big thing! With these tips on how to get rankings in Google with video, you can reach new customers to grow your business.

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