Facebook Ad Services

Facebook Advertising Services

Experienced Facebook Network PPC Services Designed for Success in 2020

Facebook’s Advertising Network and Services are a form of digital marketing using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and its Audience Network to put you and your brand in front of the people that matter. In addition to developing your following and presence in the digital landscape, Facebook Advertising allows prospects to take higher intent actions, such as a purchase or lead opt-in (for a service or offer).

With over 1.6 Billion people having connected to a small business through this service in 2018 (according to Facebook’s data), it is hard to ignore their digital presence and prevalence.

How Can Facebook Network Ad Services Help My Business?

You might be thinking “do I really need to advertise on Facebook/Instagram with so many other mediums available?”. While the answer is technically no, it would be unwise to dismiss it so quickly. Your competition may very well be taking advantage of something like Facebook’s incredibly low cost per lead (CPL) using Lead Ads, one of the many types of campaign objectives offered. With an easy to install code (called the Facebook Pixel) specific to your business, not only can you track consumer habits, but follow them along the sales process to nudge or present special offers to those dwelling on a stage for too long.

An effective Facebook Campaign could benefit your business in many ways through the previously mentioned campaign objectives. Examples include using brand awareness, engagement (page likes, comments, etc.) or reach to develop your brand. There’s also optimizing for something with a little more intent, such as sending a message to your business for more information, running traffic to a website, or getting video views for your latest promotion. While Facebook Network Ad Services can be easy to start, they are difficult to master if you lack digital marketing experience!

Benefits of Facebook Ad Services

A thorough Facebook Ad Account can provide the following benefits for your company:

  • Increase your brand awareness and audience reach – Whether your objective is page likes, comments, or a certain volume of people who see your content, Facebook typically provides lower cost per interactions compared to other forms of marketing. With its advanced audience targeting, both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) connections can be made with the right budget.
  • Increase the number of website visitors or people interacting with your business – For those seeking a higher commitment from their audience, Facebook and its Network can also optimize for link clicks (or landing page views), app installs, and messages. Through these objectives, you are able to put yourself in front of your audience and get something small in return for their time. Usually, it is information about a product or offer through the use of Chatbot or a landing page, but can be as dynamic to fit your vision.
  • Get higher quality actions that result in business – We finally get to the high cost, high reward actions that supply your business with the option to grow. Here, we have lead generation, catalog sales, store traffic, and conversions objectives. Each of these requires a higher level of commitment from your audience, through the use of personal information such as email, phone number, or any other questions you may ask, or a monetary transaction on your site. Store traffic uses methods such as store proximity in order to drive physical traffic to the store, a useful way to promote events and specials. Conversions are the most versatile tool for any digital marketer/developing brand. Not only can conversions be these high valued results, but they can also be set to optimize website views, messages, and other events. In contrast to Facebook, this is all logged from your website’s code using your pixel, so these events can be as micro or macro as you would want.
  • Tracking a consumer through the Facebook Pixel – Possibly the most important tool for an agency or business looking to get into Facebook Network Ad Services, the value provided by this code is immense. Custom generated code for your website, the Facebook Pixel goes beyond tracking an audience from ads; this also ‘learns’ from any purchase on your site, allowing it to create an image of your ideal customer. In addition to logging user activity, it also allows you to create lookalike audiences (LALs) from previous events to generate a new audience with similar interests and attributes. Through this, you are able to show your offer or reach out to people who are similar to that high-valued audience, and get lower cost results at a higher volume. While a powerful tool at any stage, pixels work best when they are ‘seasoned’, meaning they’ve experienced all sorts of traffic and events on the site, to get a better idea of what and who to optimize for.
  • Audience Insights and Custom Lists – On the topic of Audiences, when your Facebook pixel has a better idea of your audience through a high volume of events, several things happen. Before launching an ad, you can see a graph of estimated reach and results to determine whether budget or audience changes need to be made before running your campaign. These should be taken with a grain of salt, being only estimates based on prior account history, but are great at visualizing the scale of your advertising. Custom lists can also be imported, whether personal or scrapped online, and used to advertise directly to them, or generate a lookalike (LAL) to reach out to a similar audience.

What Do Facebook Network Ad Services Include?

Our custom Facebook services vary based on several factors including size, type of business, location, and brand presence:

  • Campaign Creation – We build your ad account, allowing your page to run ads through us. This also includes being able to boost a post, in case you need to reach an audience with your message fast and inexpensive.
  • Advanced Tracking Integration – Custom pixel created, installed, and managed on your site. If you have a pre-existing pixel, we can use that pixel and season it further, or use lookalikes to get you a higher potential ROAS (return on ad spend).
  • Post Facebook Experience – Just because your advertisement is on the Facebook Network, does not mean the journey ends there. We are able to continue the sale process on your website, or through one of our CRMs (customer relationship management) using a landing page or reaching out via text, email, or phone call. Through these CRMs, we can deliver important information, offers, and get in contact with prospects who opted in, in order to get them to contact you at the right time.
  • Brand Development – More than just page likes, developing your brand also involves nurturing a community of loyal followers that continuously interact with your page. By doing so, it builds credibility, and a continuous inflow of purchases, leads, or whatever is valuable to you.
  • Content Optimization – Competition for ad visibility is fierce on Facebook and its Network. By testing new creatives, copy, and offers, we keep you unique, therefore attractive to Facebook according to their ad rankings. This essentially compares your ad to others reaching the same audience. These metrics include quality ranking (your ad’s perceived quality), engagement rate ranking (your ad’s expected engagement rate), and conversion rate ranking (your ad’s expected conversion rate).
  • Ongoing Analysis & Tracking – We track market trends, competitor advertisements, how users interact with your site, conversion rates from top of funnel (TOFU), middle of funnel (MOFU), and bottom of funnel (BOFU), and changes to Facebook Network’s policies and prevalence to get the best out of your budget.

CRM Integrated Services

Our digital marketing agency specializes in integrating multiple CRMs with Facebook Advertising in order to go beyond the limitations one service may have. We provide a variety of Social Media Advertising plans for local and national companies in the United States.

Looking for a custom social media service? Based on experience, we’ll propose a plan we feel would be the best fit for you and your company.

More Digital Marketing Services

Here’s a brief description of the digital marketing services that we specialize in:

  • Facebook Ads (PPC Ads) – Managed Facebook PPC ad campaigns to quickly promote your business and services to targeted audiences on Facebook.
  • Google Ads (PPC Ads) – Managed Google Ads PPC ad campaigns to quickly promote your business and services to targeted audiences on Google Search.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Managed SEO campaigns to improve your website’s positioning and keyword rankings in search engine results.
  • Digital Marketing Consult – Experienced digital marketing consulting to develop an effective digital marketing plan for your business.

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