Welcome to another White Board Wednesday

This is Attilio again representing HONE Marketing and today I’m going to be kind of convincing you on totally ditching the idea of B2B and B2C be the and the separation between the two. We’re kind of moving into this era of P2P.

Really it just stands for person a person, right? It might sound a little strange at first because everyone knows the B2B buyer experience. The B2C buyer experience is definitely different and it definitely has its quirks and who you look at out for and then how you end up demoing or presenting your product and service and then bringing them through their sales process. So in a BB world generally what you’re looking for is, you start with this filter, right, you can’t work with everybody unless you’re selling maybe bubble gum or something so you can’t work with everybody there’s usually some kind of criteria that people have to meet before you can draw them into your B2B sales funnel and usually it starts with something like industry specific items. Then you move down to specific companies that you want to sell to, as well as position and titles, that you like to look for.

So for example HONE likes to work for beauty and hair salon niches as well as like maybe custom shops so there’s a different niche or a different industry as well as certain level products sells like certain revenue levels for the actual sales of the products and the if it’s a good product then we can probably work with them so that’s sort of our industry level. Our company we have certain companies that we work with within those industries. So, within the custom car manufacturers we like really working with Lines franchises, right? So that’s a specific company inside of that custom car section. Then position titles, we always look for owners are people in charge of marketing. So marketing directors, CMOs that kind of thing even sales directors or revenue operations. So those are generally position titles that we look for and then we find the specific name of the person and by presenting those details we can just build out a quick and easy list of our targets and we can figure out how to get those targets and we’re very specific, you know, within one industry, one company, one position, and title and when we find these names were looking at only a list of about 400 people, right? And it makes is that we can say we’re experts on the subject we’re experts at the topic and we can crush that B2B sale. Similarly, B2C usually starts with “What’s the pain or the solution that my product solves or my service solves it for these people,” than you usually have some kind of location barrier or some kind of restriction as to where you can sell as well the demographic and the behavior of those people. So, if you’re selling something like cleaning products and you maybe an area that you can reach with those cleaning products and you have like a county that you serve. Then you have to find the kind of the people that really like buying from you or even the demographic. Demographics a little older of a targeting method, because now we can target by behavior in the online era. Behavior and intent is just too powerful.

So that’s how you really want to start targeting for B2C and then you find those names or find a specific trend or find something that maybe you can even I relate to it that person. So maybe you have all these behavior trends, like maybe they are golf enthusiasts who make purchases online they probably make a great customer for me if I’m selling golf clubs. So that’s generally the B2C experience. So, now that we’re sort of moving into this new era of that sort of really changing this B2C buyer experience with like chat bots and having constant contact with the people who are interested in your products or services, 70 to 80 percent of people are just expecting a better and a stronger presence for their B2C experience and that directly correlates to their B2B buyer experience. So we found a stat by IBM that said 80 percent of B2B buyers want a B2C experience. So literally, this B2C experience, you know, when you’re clicking around on Amazon and you have this amazing buyer experience, people literally want that to transfer. This B2B buyer experience needs to get way stronger.

It’s just frankly because of the new technology that’s out, what we can do with buyers now, what we can do you as a consumer now. If I’m if I’m having trouble buying something on someone’s site, I can usually just go to the bottom right hand corner and talk to a sales person right away and they’ll help advise me into the correct direction. So all of that correlates to one P2P experience and usually it’ll start with: what is the painter solution that you’re solving. What’s the pain or the solution that you’re gonna be solving, what industry are you looking for, or are you looking for a specific industry of people. So if you’re doing  B2C and looking for an industry there’s probably some kind of demographics that matches with these top 3 items in industry and location and it’ll just correlate to this location and demographic and behavior.

So this is kind of the skew for you. So you have this industry location and then companies, someone’s working for a specific company, so maybe even if you’re selling bubble gum you can say, you know what, for some reason people who love bubble gum ,they work for the MLB. And so I really like targeting MLB people because they just love bubble gum, and they just take it home with them. I sold it to the entire stadium and I’m selling it to the individuals in the stadium. So it works similarly. B2C can can usually happen in bulk you can usually be a B2B seller as well. Then you just bring this whole skew together with your behavior or your behaviors and your specific titles for your targeting and then you always end up with that name right. You’re always looking for a specific person and in that way you can literally get a list of 1200 people and you start with just one line you start with one line through here and then you develop multiple lines through here so for us if I just want to start with one niche for HONE marketing you start with the niche of Custom Car shops, right, and that’s just one line through here and we just hit all of these and we collect names for all of these and then for the beauty and hair salon niche, you know that’s just another line through here, and we just collect the names of the perfect customers for us. If we wanted to target the next niche which would be maybe people who sell high end steamers or high end kitchen cutlery or anything that’s a high priced service as an industry. We can start drilling that down and narrowing it down to get that perfect list of names. So with that being said the changing buyer experience, it’s all moving to P2P, baby. So meet us there.

Thanks for sticking around for another white board Wednesday I hope you’ve got some value out of this.

Take it easy. Thanks.