These are some of my favorite content syndication networks! Hope it helps y’all scale your content distribution, get returns from the time put into your content, and grow!

Content Syndication Networks

  1. Outbrain
    • Outbrain is a leader among content syndication networks. Outbrain places links to your
      content on sites like Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and many others and allows you to
      promote blog posts, videos, media reviews, slideshows, and mobile-optimized content.
    • They are a HUGE leader in content syndication and are regularly ranked in the top 3 sites of the industry.
    • From the information I have gathered, their average CPC is in a region of $0.25 – $0.50 which is pretty good compared to other options on the market.
  2. Zemanta
    • Similar to Outbrain. The network syndicates your posts across a number of sites which includes hundreds of thousands of publishers, with popular news sites and blogs among them.
    • Zemanta does all the work for you. To get started you need to specify what content you want to promote, titles, and URLs. Zemanta will index your content, optimize it, and promote it to their network.
    • Zemanta also features a handy WordPress Plugin connecting bloggers with relevant content. The plugin recommends content to writers.
  3. ARC
    • ARC is different from the two networks mentioned above. It offers a way to send your
      content across various channels, similarly to PRNewswire, a service ARC is a part of.
    • In ARC your content assets are put together into an interactive branded player and distributed to thousands of media points.
    • Readers can find your player through organic search as well. Other options ARC offers are the ability to include a call to action on your branded player landing page and get reports on how your branded player performs.
  4. Taboola
    • Taboola is another syndication network, similar to Outbrain and Zemanta. It syndicates your blog posts, slideshows, and videos to a network of publishers and websites.
    • According to their website, Taboola delivers 130 billion monthly recommendations to 350 million unique monthly users with over a million content pieces. Publishers using Taboola include Time, USA Today, TMZ, and Cracked.
  5. nRelate
    • nRelate, just like Outbrain, Taboola and Zemanta surface your content in a form of “Recommended from around the web” contextual ads on websites and news portals around the web.
    • According to their data, it is serving 4 billion impressions across 100,000 publishers to 500 million unique readers. nRelate operates on Pay Per Click basis allowing you to set your own price and pay only for the clicks you receive.
  6. ZergNet
    • ZergNet is free to use, however, they require you to install their plugin on your site, so when using their service to promote your content, you will also be promoting theirs.
    • ZergNet prides itself on having clients like College Humor, AOL, MTV, and others.

These are great ways to scale your distribution to get your content in front of the people you want it to be in front of! If you want to get in on the content wars we have put together an awesome blog post writing service that provides tons of value so you can get to sharing content and start taking advantage of the “attraction” part of the digital marketing funnel.

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