Wondering where to begin with PPC marketing? Here are some top PPC strategies that work to get you new marketing clients.

Pay per click ads is part of a new wave of digital advertising.

It can be difficult to come up with PPC strategies that work for both B2C and B2B, however. Your money is on the line when you put up a PPC ad, so you need to maximize the ROI potential by getting meaningful leads.

In this post, we’re going to show you 8 ways to create a PPC strategy that will work and grow your business the right way. PPC ad campaigns can be risky, so you need to lower the risk as much as possible with a great strategy. It’s time to make you some money.

8 PPC Strategies That Work

What you can potentially accomplish with PPC advertisements outweighs a lot of other digital marketing methods. When done correctly, you can get the right customers on your landing pages, leading to better leads and bigger ROI.

It’s easy to talk about the benefits of PPC, but hard to actually accomplish these things. A strategy is important. If you don’t have one, then you’re likely wasting your own money. Here are 8 PPC strategies that work.

1. Write a Good Copy

Finding talented copywriters isn’t easy. However, it’s important that your PPC ad says something that sets your company apart from the competition. You can optimize your leads by including timers, qualifications, and numbers to exclude the customers that you don’t want clicking the ad.

2. Try Different Channels

As the internet grows, you can find potential customers pretty much everywhere. Look outside the box a little bit with your ads. Go beyond Google with your PPC ads and use social media, other blogs, and listings sites like Reddit and Pinterest. 

3. Mobile Search

Mobile search surpassed desktop search a few years ago and there’s no indication that it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Put more of your finances into mobile search and mobile PPC.

Because of the space limitations with mobile search, your ads need to be in the top 3. Google will penalize you if your site’s mobile experience isn’t wonderful, so make sure your landing pages are mobile-friendly as well.

4. Remarketing

You can improve the performance of your PPC ads by placing a cookie on the user’s browser. People leave without buying all the time, so remarketing is a great way to remind the customer that you exist and you want their business.

5. Outbid the Competition

You should always find out what your competitions branded terms are and bid on them. If a customer is seeing what the direct competition is offering, then they should see what you have to offer too. Set up a better landing page and you’ll be able to convert those leads and beat your competition.

6. Ad Extensions

Ad extensions give you a bit more real estate on the landing page for the important information that you want your customer to see. There are several types:

  • Location extensions let the customer click through to a map of your location.
  • Call extensions let the customer call your number directly from the ad.
  • Review Extensions put your best reviews in the ad.
  • Seller ratings let potential customers see how current customers feel about you.

7. Negative Keywords

If you want to eliminate empty clicks, then use negative keywords to hide you from the wrong type of searcher. Keywords like “free”, “jobs”, and “review” are unlikely to render you any sales, so use these as standard negative keywords.

8. Pay Attention to What Works

PPC is about trial and error. There’s no sense in putting more money into something that hasn’t been working. Try new things as much as you can and always stick to what works until it doesn’t work anymore.

PPC Your Way To the Top

Use these tips to formulate PPC strategies for your advertisements. If you’re going to turn those leads into customers, you need to have informative and enticing landing pages. A good PPC ad will get the customer to your site, but you’ve got to take it from there.

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