There’s nothing worse than feeling like a sleazy email salesman, right?

As an online marketer, you’re sure to feel self-conscious about how you come off to prospective leads. But, chances are you’re a lot harder on yourself than any of your email list subscribers are.

Email marketing is an invaluable tool, so don’t give up on it.

Instead, use these five smart email marketing tips to build your business.

5 Smart Email Marketing Tips

Keep this in mind: sending an email campaign to a subscriber is not spammy. Your subscribers have joined your list for a reason! With each valuable campaign you send them, you’ll reinforce this decision.

So, how can you make the most of your email marketing newsletter? Below are our top five tips.

1. Divide Your List

Knowing your target is paramount for generating warm leads. If you can send an email to a tailored list of subscribers, your chances of converting leads to sales are much more likely.

To do this, you can make additional lists in your email marketing platform that are organized by age, sex, and even interests.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet

The average human attention span is now about eight seconds.

This means you have to sell your product or service within this short window. Choose your words wisely and have a convincing hook that will convince your subscribers to keep reading.

3. Use White Space

Big, blocky paragraphs aren’t attractive and can often lead to click-outs before you even get a chance to sell your product. Instead, keep paragraphs to one to three sentences long.

4. Use an Enticing Subject Line

You can have the most beautifully written, perfectly executed email marketing strategy, but it means nothing if your subscribers don’t read the email itself.

This is where your enticing subject line comes in.

Effective email marketing will have a subject line that draws customers in. Think numbers, statistics, or an interesting statement that draws curiosity.

5. Most Importantly, Provide Value

Your email list members subscribed to your email newsletter because they wanted value and believed you could provide it to them. This means giving them novel information or selling products and services that will truly benefit your subscribers.

It doesn’t matter how many great email marketing ideas you implement, if you’re not providing value to your subscribers, they will eventually unsubscribe.

The best way to continually add value to your subscriber base is to stay up-to-date on what your subscriber base’s interests could be. Continually staying on top of industry news and advances will help you keep in touch with the needs of your subscribers.

Remember That Your Product or Service Is Valuable

Remember that your business is valuable to people. It’s why you started your business in the first place! Before you use any of these email marketing tips, make sure you’ve established this foundation of confidence.

Construct your email marketing campaigns around these tips and you’re sure to generate more leads than ever!

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