Everybody loves the nostalgia of summer. Things heat up, families take vacations, kids get a break from school. Summer feels very festive and worth celebrating. 

How can you translate that into a positive for your business? Use one (or more) of these promotion ideas for small businesses. 

Bring on the fun and bring in the customers with these summer promotion ideas. 

1. Giveaways and Free Stuff

Hot dogs, popsicles, or beach balls and frisbees with your company’s logo, everyone loves free stuff. Think about ways you can offer up freebies to your customers. 

Are you food-based, how about a free sample of a summer-themed product? Be sure to use your social media to market your giveaways too. 

2. Special Summer Offering

Summer is special, so why not have a special offering. This can be a special menu item, think peach ice cream or a 4th or July pie. 

If your employees wear uniforms, how about a summer-themed shirt. Make it so fun, you do give some of them away too. People wear your summer shirt and advertise for you too. 

3. Summer Themed Event

Pay attention to events happening in your area, like festivals or summer parades. Be a part of those events by offering your own festival specials.

Maybe you aren’t a traditional store where people come in to buy merchandise. Offer up your own sidewalk sales promotion for a service you provide. 

4. Celebrate Summer Holidays

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day are all benchmarks of summer. Consider ways your business can offer a sale or promotion on these holidays.

Invite customers to celebrate with an event that honors the birth of the great U.S.A.

5.  Celebrate Unusual Events

With a quick search, it’s easy to find a whole list of zany holidays to celebrate. Think National Corn on the Cob Day, National Cherry Pit Spitting Day or National Fried Chicken Day.

Any celebration is a way to do marketing and draw in customers to celebrate those zany days. Use your online platforms like email and social media to promote those zany celebrations.

6. Heat Wave Specials

Pretty much doesn’t matter where you live, there’s going to be some hot days in the summer. Why not use those to your advantage? 

Offer heatwave specials. Promote them and any time the temperature rises above a certain degree, you have a promotion.

7. Social Media Photo Contest

Do you have a product that people use? Why not challenge them to take photos and using your product and post them to social media pages. Call it your Summer Facebook Contest. 

8. Summer Sale or Summer Deals

Think about ways you can package your services or merchandise to offer summer incentives. Give people a reason to come into your business with summer deals. 

9. Partner With Other Businesses

Use other area businesses to partner together to offer up promotions. Maybe you have a dinner promo and they offer the entertainment after. Maybe you offer a painting special and a neighboring business offers another homecare service. 

10. Local Scavenger Hunts

Consider creating some fun for your customers with a local scavenger hunt. Each week they do something in the community then come into your business for a resulting promotion. 

11. Family Night

Summer is all about family. The kids are off from school and the parents have some vacation time. Consider hosting a family night event that draws the whole family into your business. You can have activities for the kids and special promotions for the adults. 

Try One of These Promotion Ideas For Small Businesses

With a little creativity and planning, you can have all kinds of fun marketing your business for summer. Take advantage of the feel-good season and all it offers to use these promotion ideas for small businesses.

One (or more) is sure to bring in the business.

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